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Treat yourself to a day of pampering, some much needed relief, or both! I offer professional podology pedicures in Belleville that will improve the look and feel of your feet and nails. For over 13 years, clients with foot problems, troubled skin, and less-than-perfect nails have enjoyed unique pedicure services at Erin’s Nail Design.

Check out the available foot care treatments:

  • Nail reduction: As a certified podologist I can reduce nail thickness, give your nails an improved look, and help correct the afflicting condition that causes thickening nails.

  • In-grown toenail solution: Using a BS brace application, I offer a non-surgical option to repair the ingrown and involuted toenails. You can feel the difference and relief within 12-24 hours of the treatment.

  • Diabetic foot care: A podology pedicure is diabetic safe. A certified podologist is experienced and trained in advanced skin and nail pathologies and diabetic foot syndrome. 

  • Podology pedicure: A non-medical advanced pedicure that includes understanding the nail and skin disorders of the feet, figuring out the actual and potential problems related to the diabetic foot, and basic biomechanics and gait. 

  • Callus removal: Your foot calluses and corns are all caused by friction. I offer safe and efficient removal of these annoying and painful afflictions.

  • Fungus treatments: I perform nail reduction with safe topical products to combat thick and discoloured nails with fungus.

  • Acrylic nail application: With 30 years of professional acrylic application experience, I offer a safe and natural-looking nail enhancement in my comfortable and private studio.

  • Manicure: Both men and women can enjoy manicures to clean and shape their nails. We carry both gel polish and CND shellac gel polish that come in an array of colours, lasting for a two-week extended wear.

  • Eyebrow waxing: Tame and shape your eyebrows and facial hair with our grooming services. We also provide assistance with your upper or lower lip, chin or eyebrow design.

  • Paraffin treatments: Soften the winter cracks and brittle nails with our paraffin treatments.

  • Gel polish systems: We carry both gelish gel polish and CND shellac gel polish that come in an array of colours to match your changing moods!


Erin’s Nail Design only carries safe, topical products from some of the prominent brands for all my foot and skin care treatments including:

BS Brace

Having trouble finding a perfect gift for someone? A gift certificate from Erin’s Nail Design is a great option that includes personal services such as pedicures, manicures and other pampering options! Call me to know more about our gift certificates.


It’s time to relax, put your feet up, and take advantage of a wide variety of healing services.

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